Torque 3D 3.8

This is file cmdgram.cpp.

This is function CMDlex. 
This is function outtext. 
Prevent warning if -Wstrict-prototypes. 
GNU C and GNU C++ define this. 
Make sure we don't get gram.h twice. 
This is macro const. 
This is macro nil. 
This is macro YY_ARGS. 
This is macro YYABORT. 
This is macro YYACCEPT. 
This is macro YYBACKUP. 
Identify Bison output. 
This is macro yyclearin. 
This is macro YYDEBUG. 
This is macro YYEMPTY. 
This is macro YYEOF. 
This is macro YYERRCODE. 
This is macro yyerror. 
This is macro YYERROR. 
Like YYERROR except do call yyerror. This remains here temporarily to ease the transition to the new meaning of YYERROR, for GCC. Once GCC version 2 has supplanted version 1, this can go. 
This is macro YYFINAL. 
This is macro YYFLAG. 
YYINITDEPTH indicates the initial size of the parser's stacks 
This is macro YYLAST. 
This is macro YYLTYPE. 
This is macro YYMAXDEPTH. 
This is macro YYNTBASE. 
This is macro YYPARSE_PARAM. 
The user can define YYPARSE_PARAM as the name of an argument to be passed into yyparse. The argument should have type void *. It should actually point to an object. Grammar actions can access the variable by casting it to the proper pointer type. 
This is macro YYRECOVERING. 
This is macro YYSSIZE. 
This is macro YYTERROR. 
This is macro YYTRANSLATE. 
This is record yyltype. 
This is variable count. 
This is variable from. 
This is variable serrors. 
This is variable to. 
the lookahead symbol 
This is variable yycheck. 
nonzero means print parse trace Since this is uninitialized, it does not stop multiple parsers from coexisting. 
This is variable yydefact. 
This is variable yydefgoto. 
location data for the lookahead symbol 
the semantic value of the lookahead symbol 
number of parse errors so far not YYPURE 
This is variable yypact. 
This is variable yypgoto. 
This is variable yyprhs. 
This is variable yyr1. 
This is variable yyr2. 
This is variable yyrhs. 
This is variable yyrline. 
This is variable yytable. 
This is variable yytname. 
This is variable yytranslate. 
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