Torque 3D 3.8
_getTerrainHeight1 Function
ConsoleDocFragment _getTerrainHeight1("@brief Gets the terrain height at the specified position\n\n" "@param position The world space point, minus the z (height) value. Formatted as (\"x y\")\n\n" "@return Returns the terrain height at the given point as an F32 value.\n\n" "@ingroup Terrain", NULL, "bool getTerrainHeight( Point2I position );");

ConsoleMethod(TerrainBlock, save, bool, 3, 3, "(string fileName) - saves the terrain block's terrain file to the specified file name.") { char filename[256]; dStrcpy(filename,argv[2]); char *ext = dStrrchr(filename, '.'); if (!ext || dStricmp(ext, ".ter") != 0) dStrcat(filename, ".ter"); return static_cast(object)->save(filename);

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