Torque 3D 3.8
Con::tabComplete Function
U32 tabComplete(char* inputBuffer, U32 cursorPos, U32 maxResultLength, bool forwardTab);

This is the basis for tab completion in the console. 

@note This is an internally used function. You probably don't care much about how this works. 

This function does some basic parsing to try to ascertain the namespace in which we are attempting to do tab completion, then bumps control off to the appropriate tabComplete function, either in SimObject or Namespace

@param inputBuffer Pointer to buffer containing starting data, or last result. @param cursorPos Location of cursor in this buffer. This is used to indicate what part of the string should be kept and what part should be advanced to the next match if any. @param maxResultLength Maximum amount of result data to put into inputBuffer. This is capped by MaxCompletionBufferSize. @param forwardTab Should we go forward to next match or backwards to previous match? True indicates forward.

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