Torque 3D 3.8
Compiler Namespace

ingroup console_system Console System

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brief Add a console parser to the list
param ext Filename extension param gcf GetCurrentFile function param gcl GetCurrentLine function param p Parse function param r Restart function param ssb SetScanBuffer function param def true if this is the default parser (Note: set this only on the .cs parser!) return true for success, false for failure (out of memory) sa FreeConsoleParserList(), ConsoleParser 
This is function Compiler::compileBlock. 
This is function Compiler::compileSTEtoCode. 
This is function Compiler::consoleAlloc. 
This is function Compiler::consoleAllocReset. 
brief Free the console parser list
sa AddConsoleParser() 
This is function Compiler::getCurrentFloatTable. 
This is function Compiler::getFunctionFloatTable. 
This is function Compiler::getFunctionStringTable. 
This is function Compiler::getGlobalFloatTable. 
This is function Compiler::getGlobalStringTable. 
This is function Compiler::getIdentTable. 
brief Get the parser for a particular file based on its extension
param filename Filename of file to obtain parser for sa ConsoleParser 
This is function Compiler::precompileIdent. 
Helper function to reset the float, string, and ident tables to a base starting state. 
This is function Compiler::setCurrentFloatTable. 
This is function Compiler::setCurrentStringTable. 
brief Helper macro to add console parsers 
brief Declare a parser's function prototypes 
The opcodes for the TorqueScript VM. 
brief List of parsers for the compiler 
brief Function for GetCurrentFile from the lexer 
brief Function for GetCurrentLine from the lexer 
brief Function for Parse from the lexer 
brief Function for Restart from the lexer 
brief Function for SetScanBuffer from the lexer 
This is variable Compiler::gConsoleAllocator. 
This is variable Compiler::gCurrentFloatTable. 
This is variable Compiler::gDefaultParser. 
This is variable Compiler::gFunctionFloatTable. 
This is variable Compiler::gGlobalFloatTable. 
This is variable Compiler::gIdentTable. 
This is variable Compiler::gParserList. 
This is variable Compiler::STEtoCode. 
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