Torque 3D 3.8
Structs, Records, Enums

The following table lists structs, records, enums in this documentation.

This is record ApplicationMessage. 
This is record Components. 
This is record ConstantSortPosition. 
This is record CPUFlags. 
This is record DDSCapFlags. 
This is record DDSPixelFormatFlags. 
These were copied from the DX9 docs. The names are changed from the "real" defines since not all platforms have them. 
This is record DecalFlags. 
This is record DFILE_STATUS. 
Some events must be processed immediately, and others can or should be processed later. This enum allows us to distinguish between the two types. 
Physical type of a drive. 
Status of an asynchronous I/O operation. 
Supplementary I/O 
Kind of entity being exported. 
Flags for property descriptors. 
Flags for an EngineTypeInfo
Kinding for engine types. Engine types are segregated into kinds which are to types what types are to values, i.e. a value is an instance of a type and a type is an instance of a kind. 
This is record ePixelMap. 
This is record EvalConstants. 
[tom, 7/27/2005] These are intended to map to their Win32 equivalents. This enumeration may require changes to accommodate other platforms. 
This is record GameConnectionConstants. 
Constants that name each GFXDevice type. Any new GFXDevice subclass must be added to this enum. A string representing its name must also be added to GFXInit::getAdapterNameFromType(). 
This is record GFXBitmapFlip. 
The supported blend modes. 
This is record GFXBlendOp. 
This is record GFXBufferType. 
This is record GFXClearFlags. 
This is record GFXCmpFunc. 
This is record GFXCullMode. 
Defines a vertex declaration type. @see GFXVertexElement @see GFXVertexFormat 
This is record GFXFillMode. 
This is record GFXFormat. 
Index Formats 
This is record GFXMaterialColorSource. 
This is record GFXMatrixType. 
This is record GFXPrimitiveType. 
This is record GFXRenderState. 
This is record GFXSamplerState. 
This is record GFXShadeMode. 
This is record GFXShaderConstType. 
This is record GFXStencilOp. 
This is record GFXTexCallbackCode. 
This is record GFXTextureAddressMode. 
This is record GFXTextureArgument. 
This is record GFXTextureFilterType. 
This is record GFXTextureOp. 
This is record GFXTextureStageState. 
This is record GFXTextureTransformFlags. 
This is record GFXTextureType. 
This is record GizmoAlignment. 
This is record GizmoMode. 
This is record InputAction. 
Device Event Action Types 
This is record InputDeviceTypesEnum. 
Device Event Types 
Common event callbacks definitions 
Modifier Keys 
This is record InputObjectInstancesEnum. 
This is record KEY_STATE. 
[pauls, 3/20/2007] Reduced the available types of dialog boxes in order to maintain a consistent but platform - appropriate look and feel in Torque
This is record MBIcons. 
This is record MBReturnVal. 
This is record MemConstants. 
This is record MoveConstants. 
This is record NetClassGroups. 
This is record NetClassMasks. 
This is record NetClassTypes. 
This is record NetConnectionConstants. 
This is record NetDirection. 
This is record NetPacketType. 
some handy string functions for compressing strings over a connection: 
Result of an overlap test. 
This is record ParticleSystemState. 
PFXTargetClear specifies whether and how often a given PostEffect's target will be cleared. 
PFXTargetViewport specifies how the viewport should be set up for a PostEffect's target. 
The event type passed to the physics reset signal. @see PhysicsPlugin::getPhysicsResetSignal(). 
This is record PlayerConstants. 
This is record PolyAreas. 
This is record PolyFlags. 
A contextual hint passed to the polylist methods which allows it to return the appropriate geometry. 
Properties for CPU. 
Global processor identifiers.
@note These enums must be globally scoped so that they work with the inline assembly 
This is record Px3CollisionGroup. 
This is record PxClothAttachment. 
This is record RedBlackTokens. 
This is record ReflectMode. 
This is record SceneObjectTypeMasks. 
Types used for SceneObject type masks (SceneObject::mTypeMask)
@note If a new object type is added, don't forget to add it to RegisterGameFunctions(). 
The type of scene pass. @see SceneManager @see SceneRenderState 
The type of scene render style @see SceneRenderState 
This is record SFXALCaps. 
Animatable channels in the SFX system. 
Rolloff curve used for distance volume attenuation of 3D sounds. 
Property flags for SFXObjects. 
Enumeration of events triggered by SFXParameters. 
The sound playback state. 
SFX system events that can be received notifications on. 
The different shadow filter modes used when rendering shadowed lights. @see setShadowFilterMode 
Definition of some basic Sim system constants.
These constants define the range of ids assigned to datablocks (DataBlockObjectIdFirst - DataBlockObjectIdLast), and the number of bits used to store datablock IDs.
Normal Sim objects are given the range of IDs starting at DynamicObjectIdFirst and going to infinity. Sim objects use a SimObjectId to represent their ID; this is currently a U32.
The RootGroupId is assigned to gRootGroup, in which most SimObjects are addded as child members. See for details, particularly Sim::initRoot() and following. 
local enum for socket states for polled sockets 
This is record StringTableConstants. 
This is record TerrConstants. 
Enable this #define if you are seeing the message "precompile size mismatch" in the console. This will help track down which node type is causing the error. It could be due to incorrect compiler optimization. #define DEBUG_AST_NODES 
This is record Win32POVDirsInQuadrant. 
This is record __NullVertexStruct. 
This is record _EngineArgumentTypeTable. 
Encapsulation of a legacy console function invocation. 
Structure encapsulating default arguments to an engine API function. 
Trampolines for any call-ins that aren't methods. 
This is record _EngineMethodTrampoline. 
Trampolines for engine methods 
Helper type to factor out commonalities between function and method trampolines. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, ... ) >. 
This is record _EngineTypeTraits< R() >. 
This is record _FlagMap. 
This is record _uuid_t. 
This function gets the standard ASCII code corresponding to our key code and the existing modifier key state. 
This is record AsciiMapping. 
This is record AssignDecl. 
Formerly contained data indicating whether a user is valid. 
A binary mathematical expression (ie, left op right). 
BSP Collision tree Solid nodes are represented by structures with NULL frontNode and backNode pointers. The material field is only valid on a solid node. There is no structure for empty nodes, frontNode or backNode should be set to NULL to represent empty half-spaces. 
This is record CallstackEntry. 
This is record CameraQuery. 
Used for the old virtual map table that was originally in actionMap.cpp 
This is record COLOR_TARGET. 
Represents an entry in the log. 
Stores PNG stream data 
Defines the basic display pose common to most display devices 
This is record DrawStruct. 
DXDIAG declarations. 
This is record DXGI_ADAPTER_DESC. 
< "Null" type used by templates 
This is record EngineTypeTraits. 
Temp support for allowing const char* to remain in the API functions as long as we still have the console system around. When that is purged, these definitions should be deleted and all const char* uses be replaced with String
This is record EngineTypeTraits< const T >. 
This is record EngineTypeTraits< const T& >. 
This is record EngineTypeTraits< const T* >. 
For struct fields, String cannot be used directly but "const UTF16*" must be used instead. Make sure this works with the template machinery by redirecting the type back to String
This is record EngineTypeTraits< T& >. 
Strip off native type modifiers. Doing it like this allows to query type traits on types that are not true engine types or value types thereof (like e.g. a reference to a primitive type) but it simplifies matters for us. 
This is record EventDescriptor. 
This is record Face. 
This is record FalseType. 
Used by the feature manager. 
This is record FieldEntry. 
Platform dependent file date-time structure. The defination of this structure
  • will likely be different for each OS platform.
Advanced fov specification for oculus 
Material definition for FF lighting 
Contains information on a locked region of a texture.
In general, to access a given pixel in a locked rectangle, use this equation:
@code U8 *pixelAtXY = bits + x * pitch + y * pixelSizeInBytes; @endcode
@note D3DLOCKED_RECT and this structure match up. If you change this assumption, be sure to revisit the D3D GFX implementation.
@see GFXTextureObject::lock() 
Instances of this struct are returned GFXShaderConstBuffer 
Information about a ghosted object.
@note If the size of this structure changes, the NetConnection::getGhostIndex function MUST be changed to reflect the new size
Used for repacking in GFont::importStrip
This is record GroundCoverShaderConstData. 
This is record IfFalseType. 
This is record IfFalseType< FalseType, IfTrue, IfFalse >. 
This is record IfTrueType. 
This is record IfTrueType< TrueType, IfTrue, IfFalse >. 
This is a shared base render instance type TSLastDetail imposters. @see TSLastDetail @see RenderImposterMgr 
This is record InternalSlotDecl. 
Geometric intersecting testing.
This class is meant to be used for testing multiple geometries against a specific geometric object. Unlike the various intersection test routines in other classes, this class might precompute and store data that is going to be used repeatedly in the tests. As such, Intersector can be faster in certain cases.
Also, intersectors are required to implement *exact* intersection tests, i.e. it is not acceptable for an Intersector to produce false positives on any of the OverlapTestResult values.
This class itself has no functionality. It depends on specializations. 
Frame data for a foreach/foreach$ loop. 
This is record JoystickAxisInfo. 
This is record LinePair. 
define DEBUG_SPEW 
This is record MarshalNativeEntry. 
This is record MasterInfo. 
This is record MD5Context. 
extern U32 gIdxArray[6][2][3]; 
This is record MeshRoadNode. 
Conversion from window manager input conventions to Torque standard. 
This is record NavMeshSetHeader. 
This is record NavMeshTileHeader. 
Generic network address
This is used to represent IP addresses. 
This is record NetEventNote. 
This is record ObjectBlockDecl. 
This structure should be as small as possible. 
This is record PathNode. 
Mutex Data 
This is record ProfilerData. 
This is record Px3CollisionDesc. 
This is record Reflector. 
This is record ReflectParams. 
structures mirror those defined by the win32 API 
This is record RiverHitSegment. 
This is record RiverNode. 
This is record RoadBatch. 
This is record RoadNode. 
This is record SGWinding. 
ShaderGenVars, predefined string names for variables that shadergen based shaders use, this avoids misspelling and string creation issues 
This is record SlotDecl. 
structure used for particle sorting. 
Ring Point 
This is record StabPoint. 
Struct with String::StringData's field so we can initialize this without a constructor. 
Type for the intern string table. We don't want String instances directly on the table so that destructors don't run when the table is destroyed. This is because we really shouldn't depend on dtor ordering within this file and thus we can't tell whether the intern string memory is freed before or after the table is destroyed. 
ConsoleMethod(GuiMessageVectorCtrl, detach, void, 2, 2, "()" "Stop listing messages from the MessageVector previously attached to, if any.") { if (object->isAttached() == false) { Con::warnf(ConsoleLogEntry::General, "GuiMessageVectorCtrl: double detach"); return; }
This is record TerrLOSStackNode. 
This is record TickCacheHead. 
This is record TimeOfDayEvent. 
This is record Token. 
This is record TreeInfo. 
This is record TreePlacementInfo. 
Type Predicating. 
This is record TSDrawPrimitive. 
This is record TypeTraits< ThreadSafeRef< T > >. 
This is record TypeTraits< void >. 
This is record TypeTraits< void* >. 
This is record TypeTraits< void* const >. 
WAV Chunk-header 
WAV File-header 
WAV FmtEx-header 
WAV Fmt-header 
WAV Smpl-header 
This is record yy_buffer_state. 
This is record yyltype. 
This is type ALDEVICEINFO. 
Defines the basic display pose common to most display devices 
This is type mngstuff. 
This is type OPENALFNTABLE. 
This is type uuid_node_t. 
data type for UUID generator persistent state 
This is type xuuid_t. 
This is type YYSTYPE. 
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