Torque 3D 3.8
_EngineFunctionDefaultArguments< void() > Members

The following tables list the members exposed by _EngineFunctionDefaultArguments< void() >.

Number of default arguments for the function call frame.
@warn This is @b NOT the size of the memory block returned by getArgs() and also not the number of elements it contains. 
This is _EngineFunctionDefaultArguments, a member of class _EngineFunctionDefaultArguments< void() >. 
Return a pointer to the variable-sized array of default argument values.
@warn The arguments must be stored @b IMMEDIATELY after #mNumDefaultArgs. @warn This is a @b FULL frame and not just the default arguments, i.e. it starts with the first argument that the function takes and ends with the last argument it takes. @warn If the compiler's #pragma pack is buggy, the elements in this structure are allowed to be 4-byte aligned rather than byte-aligned as they should be. 
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