Torque 3D 3.8

The following table lists functions in this documentation.

brief Add a console parser to the list
param ext Filename extension param gcf GetCurrentFile function param gcl GetCurrentLine function param p Parse function param r Restart function param ssb SetScanBuffer function param def true if this is the default parser (Note: set this only on the .cs parser!) return true for success, false for failure (out of memory) sa FreeConsoleParserList(), ConsoleParser 
This is function Compiler::compileBlock. 
This is function Compiler::compileSTEtoCode. 
This is function Compiler::consoleAlloc. 
This is function Compiler::consoleAllocReset. 
brief Free the console parser list
sa AddConsoleParser() 
This is function Compiler::getCurrentFloatTable. 
This is function Compiler::getFunctionFloatTable. 
This is function Compiler::getFunctionStringTable. 
This is function Compiler::getGlobalFloatTable. 
This is function Compiler::getGlobalStringTable. 
This is function Compiler::getIdentTable. 
brief Get the parser for a particular file based on its extension
param filename Filename of file to obtain parser for sa ConsoleParser 
This is function Compiler::precompileIdent. 
Helper function to reset the float, string, and ident tables to a base starting state. 
This is function Compiler::setCurrentFloatTable. 
This is function Compiler::setCurrentStringTable. 
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