Torque 3D 3.8

The following table lists functions in this documentation.

Apply the set of Collada conditioners (suited for loading Collada models into Torque)
Apply the set of model conditioners 
This is function ColladaUtils::collapsePath. 
Convert a transform from the Collada model coordinate system to the DTS coordinate system 
This is function ColladaUtils::exportColladaHeader. 
This is function ColladaUtils::exportColladaMaterials. 
This is function ColladaUtils::exportColladaMesh. 
This is function ColladaUtils::exportColladaScene. 
This is function ColladaUtils::exportColladaTriangles. 
Export an OptimizedPolyList to a simple Collada file 
Find the COMMON profile element in an effect 
Find the element in the COMMON profile of an effect 
Find the element in the COMMON profile of an effect 
Collada export helper functions 
This is function ColladaUtils::getOptions. 
This is function ColladaUtils::getSamplerImagePath. 
This is function ColladaUtils::getTextureSampler. 
Resolve image path into something we can use. 
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