Torque 3D 3.7
_setAimObject Function
ConsoleDocFragment _setAimObject("@brief Sets the AIPlayer's target object. May optionally set an offset from target location\n\n" "@param targetObject The object to target\n" "@param offset Optional three-element offset vector which will be added to the position of the aim object.\n\n" "@tsexample\n" "// Without an offset\n" "%ai.setAimObject(%target);\n\n" "// With an offset\n" "// Cause our AI object to aim at the target\n" "// offset (0, 0, 1) so you don't aim at the target's feet\n" "%ai.setAimObject(%target, \"0 0 1\");\n" "@endtsexample\n\n" "@see getAimLocation()\n" "@see getAimObject()\n" "@see clearAim()\n", "AIPlayer", "void setAimObject(GameBase targetObject, Point3F offset);");

This is function _setAimObject.

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