Torque 3D 3.7
_sPlayOnce3 Function
static ConsoleDocFragment _sPlayOnce3("@brief Create a new temporary SFXProfile from the given @a description and @a filename, then create a play-once source " "for it and start playback.\n\n" "Once playback has finished, the source will be automatically deleted in the next sound system update. If not referenced " "otherwise by then, the temporary SFXProfile will also be deleted.\n" "@param description The description to use for playback.\n" "@param filename Path to the sound file to play.\n" "@return A newly created temporary source in \"Playing\" state or 0 if the operation failed.\n\n" "@tsexample\n" "// Play a sound effect file once.\n" "sfxPlayOnce( AudioEffects, \"art/sound/weapons/Weapon_pickup\" );\n" "@endtsexample\n\n" "@ref SFXSource_playonce\n\n" "@ingroup SFX", NULL, "SFXSource sfxPlayOnce( SFXDescription description, string filename );");

This is function _sPlayOnce3.

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