Torque 3D 3.7
_ActionMapbindObj1 Function
static ConsoleDocFragment _ActionMapbindObj1("@brief Associates a function to an input event for a specified class or object.\n\n" "You must specify a device, the action to bind, a function, and an object to be called when the event happens. " "The function specified must be set to receive a single boolean value passed.\n\n" "@param device The input device, such as mouse or keyboard.\n" "@param action The input event, such as space, button0, etc.\n" "@param command The function bound to the action.\n" "@param object The object or class bound to the action.\n" "@return True if the binding was successful, false if the device was unknown or description failed.\n\n" "@tsexample\n" "moveMap.bindObj(keyboard, \"numpad1\", \"rangeChange\", %player);" "@endtsexample\n\n", "ActionMap", "bool bindObj( string device, string action, string command, SimObjectID object );");

This is function _ActionMapbindObj1.

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