Torque 3D 3.7
SFXAsyncStream::SFXAsyncStream Constructor
SFXAsyncStream(const SFXStreamRef& stream, bool isIncremental, U32 streamPacketLength = DEFAULT_STREAM_PACKET_LENGTH, U32 numReadAhead = DEFAULT_STREAM_LOOKAHEAD, bool isLooping = false);

Construct a new async sound stream reading data from "stream". 

@param stream The sound data source stream. @param isIncremental If true, "stream" is read in packets of "streamPacketLength" size each; otherwise the stream is read in a single packet containing the entire stream. @param streamPacketLength Seconds of sample data to read per streaming packet. Only relevant if "isIncremental" is true. @param numReadAhead Number of stream packets to read and buffer in advance. @param isLooping If true, the packet stream infinitely loops over "stream". 


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