Torque 3D 3.7
Platform Namespace

This is namespace Platform.

This is namespace Platform::FS. 
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Description of a keyboard input we want to ignore. 
This is function Platform::addExcludedDirectory. 
Add a new keyboard exclusion. 
This is function Platform::advanceTime. 
This is function Platform::AlertAssert. 
[tom, 7/12/2005] Rather then converting this to unicode, just using the ANSI versions of the Win32 API as its quicker for testing
Check if a given input event should be excluded. 
just check if the app's global mutex exists, and if so, return true - otherwise, false. Should be called before ExcludeOther at very start of app execution. 
This is function Platform::clearExcludedDirectories. 
Reset the keyboard input exclusion list. 
close Splash Window 
This is function Platform::closeWindow. 
compare file times returns < 0 if a is earlier than b, >0 if b is earlier than a
Compares the last modified time between two file paths. Returns < 0 if the first file is earlier than the second, > 0 if the second file is earlier than the first, and 0 if the files are equal.
If either of the files doesn't exist it returns -1. 
create a directory path
This is function Platform::createPlatformFriendlyFilename. 
display Splash Window 
File stuff 
This is function Platform::dumpDirectories. 
This is function Platform::dumpPath. 
This is untested -- BJG 
This is function Platform::fileToLocalTime. 
This is function Platform::getBackgroundSleepTime. 
Directory functions. Dump path returns false iff the directory cannot be opened.
Returns the filename of the torque executable. On Win32, this is the .exe file. On Mac, this is the .app/ directory bundle. 
Returns full pathname of the torque executable without filename 
This is function Platform::getLoginPassword. 
Returns the full path to the directory that contains main.cs. Tools scripts are validated as such if they are in this directory or a subdirectory of this directory. 
Math control state
Returns the milliseconds since the system was started. You should not depend on this for high precision timing. @see PlatformTimer
Gets the time in milliseconds since some epoch. In this case, system start time. Storing milliseconds in a U32 overflows every 49.71 days 
This is function Platform::getTemporaryFileName. 
Gets the time in seconds since the Epoch 
User Specific Functions
This is function Platform::getUserIsAdministrator. 
This is function Platform::getVirtualMilliseconds. 
This is function Platform::getVolumeInformationList. 
Volume functions.
Volume Functions 
Set/Get whether this is a web deployment 
This is function Platform::hasSubDirectory. 
Platform control
This is function Platform::initConsole. 
This is function Platform::isExcludedDirectory. 
This is function Platform::isFullPath. 
Converts the local time to a formatted string appropriate for the current platform. 
Displays a fancy platform specific message box
This is function Platform::minimizeWindow. 
Open file at the OS level, according to registered file-types. 
This is function Platform::openFolder. 
Web page launch function:
Spawn the default Operating System web browser with a URL @param webAddress URL to pass to browser @return true if browser successfully spawned 
This is function Platform::process. 
Set main.cs directory. Used in runEntryScript() 
This is function Platform::setMathControlState. 
This is function Platform::setMathControlStateKnown. 
This is function Platform::setWebDeployment. 
Window state 
const Point2I &getWindowSize();
Process control
Asks the operating system to put the process to sleep for at least ms milliseconds 
This is function Platform::stringToFileTime. 
This is function Platform::stripBasePath. 
Return "fileName" stripped of its extension. Only extensions contained in "validExtensions" will be stripped from the filename.
@note Extensions in "validExtension" should include the dot. 
This is record Platform::ALERT_ASSERT_RESULT. 
This is record Platform::FileInfo. 
This is record Platform::SystemInfo_struct. 
This is variable Platform::PVolumeInformation. 
This is variable Platform::SystemInfo. 
This is variable Platform::SystemInfoReady. 
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