Torque 3D 3.7
MathUtils::extrudePolygonEdgesFromPoint Function
U32 extrudePolygonEdgesFromPoint(const Point3F* vertices, U32 numVertices, const Point3F& fromPoint, PlaneF* outPlanes);

Extrude the edges of the given polygon away from @a fromPoint by constructing a set of planes that each go through @a fromPoint and a pair of vertices. 

The resulting planes are in the same order as the vertices and have their normals facing *inwards*, i.e. the resulting volume will enclose the polygon's interior space. 

@param vertices Vertices of the polygon in CCW or CW order (both are acceptable). @param numVertices Number of vertices in @a vertices. @param fromPoint @param outPlanes Array in which the resulting planes are stored. Must have room for at least as many planes are there are edges in the polygon. 


@note The input polygon does not necessarily need to be planar but it must be convex. 


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