Torque 3D 3.7
MathUtils::edgeFaceIntersect Function
bool edgeFaceIntersect(const Point3F & edgeA, const Point3F & edgeB, const Point3F & faceA, const Point3F & faceB, const Point3F & faceC, const Point3F & faceD, Point3F * intersection);

Find the intersection of the line going from @a edgeA to @a edgeB with the triangle given by @a faceA, @a faceB, and @a faceC. @param edgeA Starting point of edge. @param edgeB End point of edge. @param faceA First vertex of triangle. @param faceB Second vertex of triangle. @param faceC Third vertex of triangle. @param intersection If there is an intersection, the point of intersection on the triangle's face is stored here. @param True if there is an intersection, false otherwise. 


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