Torque 3D 3.7
SFXAsyncStream Members

The following tables list the members exposed by SFXAsyncStream.

Asynchronous work item for reading a packet from the source stream. 
List of buffered elements. 
If true, the stream will restart over from the beginning once it has been read in entirety. 
If true, no further requests should be issued on this stream. @note This in itself doesn't say anything about pending requests. 
Maximum number of elements allowed on buffer list. 
Running number of next stream packet. 
Number of elements currently on buffer list. 
Number of source elements remaining in the source stream. 
Total number of elements in the source stream. 
Number of elements to read per packet. 
If true, the stream reads one packet of silence beyond the sound streams actual sound data. This is to avoid wrap-around playback queues running into old data when there is a delay in playback being stopped.
@note The silence packet is notcounting towards stream playback time. 
< Reference count and claim bit. Note that this increments in steps of two. 
The thread context used for prioritizing read items in the pool. 
The thread pool to which read items are queued. 
This is _newReadItem, a member of class SFXAsyncStream. 
Decrement the given reference count. Return 1 if the count dropped to zero and the claim bit has been successfully set; return 0 otherwise. 
Increase the reference count on the object. 
Return the playback time of a single sound packet in milliseconds. For non-incremental streams, this will be the duration of the entire stream. 
return the size of stream packets returned by this stream in number of elements. 
return the number of elements that will be read and buffered in advance. 
Returns true if the stream will read a packet of silence after the actual sound data
Get the current reference count. This method is mostly meant for debugging and should not normally be used. 
This is the overview for the getSourceStream method overload. 
return true if the stream is looping infinitely. 
@return true if the object is referenced by more than a single reference. 
Read the next "num" elements into "buffer".
@param buffer The buffer into which the elements are stored. @param num Number of elements to read. @return the number of elements actually read; this may be less than "num" or even zero if no elements are available or reading failed. 
Decrease the object's reference count and delete the object, if the count drops to zero and claiming the object by the current thread succeeds. 
Dereference a reference-counted pointer in a multi-thread safe way. 
Set whether the stream should read one packet of silence past the actual sound data. This is useful for situations where continued playback may run into old data
Construct a new async sound stream reading data from "stream".
@param stream The sound data source stream. @param isIncremental If true, "stream" is read in packets of "streamPacketLength" size each; otherwise the stream is read in a single packet containing the entire stream. @param streamPacketLength Seconds of sample data to read per streaming packet. Only relevant if "isIncremental" is true. @param numReadAhead Number of stream packets to read and buffer in advance. @param isLooping If true, the packet stream infinitely loops over "stream".
Initiate the request chain of the element stream. 
Call for the request chain of the element stream to stop at the next synchronization point. 
This is the overview for the ThreadSafeRefCount constructor overload. 
Stream elements are kept on deques that can be concurrently accessed by multiple threads. 
Type of elements read, buffered, and returned by this stream. 
The element type of this input stream. 
This is nested type AsyncPacketBufferedInputStream::PacketReadItemRef. 
This is nested type AsyncPacketBufferedInputStream::PacketType. 
This is nested type SFXInternal::SFXAsyncStream::Parent. 
Type of elements being read from the source stream.
@note This does not need to correspond to the type of elements buffered in this stream. 
The element type of the source stream. 
Type of the source stream being read by this stream. 
This is nested type AsyncPacketBufferedInputStream::StreamType. 
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