Torque 3D 3.7
SFXAsyncQueue Members

The following tables list the members exposed by SFXAsyncQueue.

The output stream that this queue feeds into. 
If true, packets that have missed their proper queuing timeframe will be dropped. If false, they will be queued nonetheless. 
Queue that holds records for each packet currently in the queue. New packets are added to back. 
The time source to which we are sync'ing. 
Total number of packets queued so far. 
Total number of ticks submitted to the queue so far. 
Total number of ticks spanned by the total queue playback time. If this is zero, the total queue time is considered to be infinite. 
Return the current playback position according to the time source. 
Return the total number of packets that have been queued so far. 
Return the total number of ticks that have been queued so far. 
Return true if all packets have been streamed. 
Return true if there are currently 
Return true if the queue needs one or more new packets to be submitted. 
Construct a new sound queue that pushes sound packets to "buffer" in sync to the playback of "voice".
@param voice The SFXVoice to synchronize to. @param buffer The sound buffer to push sound packets to
Submit a data packet to the queue.
@param packet The data packet. @param packetTicks The duration of the packet in ticks. @param isLast If true, the packet is the last one in the stream. @param packetPos The absolute position of the packet in the stream; if this is not supplied the packet is assumed to immediately follow the preceding packet.
@return true if the packet has been queued or false if it has been dropped. 
The type of consumer that receives the packets from this queue. 
This is nested type AsyncPacketQueue::PacketQueue. 
The type of data packets being streamed through this queue. 
This is nested type SFXInternal::SFXAsyncQueue::Parent. 
Type for counting ticks. 
Information about the time slice covered by an individual packet currently on the queue. 
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