Torque 3D 3.7

The following table lists functions in this documentation.

Trigger a breakpoint if ptr is not a valid heap pointer or if its memory guards have been destroyed (only if TORQUE_DEBUG_GUARD is enabled).
@note This function does not allow interior pointers! 
This is function Memory::ConsoleFunctionGroupBegin. 
This is function Memory::ConsoleFunctionGroupEnd. 
This is function Memory::countUnflaggedAllocs. 
This is function Memory::dumpUnflaggedAllocs. 
Dump info on all memory blocks that are still allocated. @note Only works if TORQUE_DISABLE_MEMORY_MANAGER is not defined; otherwise this is a NOP. 
This is function Memory::flagCurrentAllocs. 
This is function Memory::getMemoryAllocated. 
This is function Memory::getMemoryInfo. 
This is function Memory::getMemoryUsed. 
This is function Memory::validate. 
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