Torque 3D 3.7

The following table lists classes in this documentation.

...but for Codeplay, an empty class *always* gives 4 byte pointers. If compiled with the /clr option ("managed C++"), the JIT compiler thinks it needs to load GenericClass before it can call any of its functions, (compiles OK but crashes at runtime!), so we need to declare an empty class to make it happy. Codeplay and VC4 can't cope with the unknown_inheritance case either. 
Translate from 'DefaultVoid' to 'void'. Everything else is unchanged 
This is class fastdelegate::detail::DefaultVoidToVoid<DefaultVoid>. 
Define a generic class that uses virtual inheritance. It has a trival member function that returns the value of the 'this' pointer. 
general case -- don't know how to convert it. Force a compile failure 
__multiple_inheritance classes go here Nasty hack for Microsoft and Intel (IA32 and Itanium) 
virtual_inheritance classes go here 
Nasty hack for Microsoft and Intel (IA32 and Itanium) unknown_inheritance classes go here This is probably the ugliest bit of code I've ever written. Look at the casts! There is a compiler bug in MSVC6 which prevents it from using this code. 
For compilers where all member func ptrs are the same size, everything goes here. For non-standard compilers, only single_inheritance classes go here. 
Translate from 'void' into 'DefaultVoid' Everything else is unchanged 
This is class fastdelegate::detail::VoidToDefaultVoid<void>. 
This is class fastdelegate::detail::ClosurePtr. 
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