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First, a note. This is not the "Official" Torque 3D documentation. This is my personal version. It will have some portions that are newer or have been edited for clarity, and it will have some portions that are very stale. I update the things that I am interested in or that I have seen many questions about on the forums. I will be adding things as I discover new ways to do this or that, or just because I think they're nifty.

Torque 3D is a large piece of software. Chances are that most of the applications you have worked on up to this point have only been a fraction of the size of this SDK. This reference manual exists for the sole purpose of giving you, the user, a strong foundation to rely on while learning the engine.

The documentation is divided into multiple sections, each of which contains information related to a specific subject. This means of organization allows you to jump to different chapters containing information that is pertinent to what you wish to work on.

However, if you are completely new to Torque 3D and have not read through this documentation already, there are key articles you should read through first. If you have not already done so, please read through the Introduction section:

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