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Roostertail Games: The Fine Print

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In our modern, litigious society it is necessary to lay a few ground rules:

  1. Don't be an asshat. Instead of wasting a pile of cash and time, just drop us a line and ask us to knock it off. We're reasonable people.
  2. When in doubt, see Rule One.

So, as long as everyone is civil and relaxed we should all be just fine.

Terms of Use

This is silly, really. You can browse and download whatever you find here. If I get slapped with a cease and desist for some odd reason I'll take the offending material down, but if you have downloaded any of it please delete it if such an event occurs. Thanks!


Roostertail Games is copyright Roostertail Games 2012. The Roostertail Logo is a trademark of Roostertail Games.

Privacy Statement

At the moment Roostertail Games does not collect any information. At all.

If you send an email to Roostertail Games your email address will not be added to a list and sold to some jackass in South Africa to be hammered with spam. That is a personal promise, but it's here in writing just in case. I hate spam as much as the next guy (probably more - it's annoying, sure, but think of the wasted bandwidth that would be better used by gamers!) and so I won't ever do anything to enable it if I can avoid it.

Additionally, because we have no way of knowing if you actually own rights to the information you send us we won't publish it. Done.

Donations Gratefully Accepted

I've started a Patreon campaign to help pay site support costs. Donations are gratefully accepted and greatly appreciated.

Vegassparkyrich on Patreon
  • Feb 1, 2014

    I've added a copy of the Torque 3D Documentation to my site. This was a move on my part to alleviate some frustration I was feeling related to being unable to update the Official Documentation with corrections or clarifications to the existing articles. The link is just down a bit from this sidebar item....

  • Mar 2, 2012

    The main menu buttons got a slight style tweak, making the active state more visible and the menu text more legible. This should be the last style adjustment and then it's just a matter of generating several pages of bogus content.

Torque 3D Reference
Torque 3D Online Documentation

This is not the "Official" Torque 3D documentation. This is my personal version. It will have some portions that are newer or have been edited for clarity, and it will have some portions that are very stale. I update the things that I am interested in or that I have seen many questions about on the forums. I will be adding things as I discover new ways to do this or that, or just because I think they're nifty.

Torque 3D Source Reference

Torque 3D 3.7
Torque 3D 3.8

This is a generated document, and as such may not be as helpful as one might hope. However, it is a complete class, namespace, file, and variable reference generated directly from the source and does contain inheritance diagrams (pretty helpful in their own right).

You can always contact with corrections, updates, questions or requests, but be aware that I'm grumpy and don't always answer my email.

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