Conversation Editor Quick-Start Guide

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This is a brief guide to getting started with the T3D Conversation Editor tool.

First, click the Start Node item in the Node Types box and drag it onto the graph:

Next, drag a Conversation Node into the graph:

Note that you can edit the number of conversation items contained in the conversation node by clicking the label text that says "Click Here To Edit Output List":

You can add or remove conversation response items in the list editor. The limit to how many items can be added can be changed in [install folder]\Plugins\[plugin name].ini by changing the MAXOUTPUTS value.

You can edit the node name by double-clicking the node name entry:

You can edit the NPC node text (what the NPC says as you enter this node) by double-clicking the "Enter NPC text" entry:

You can edit the player's response options by clicking on the player response item:

This will open a dialog that allows you to edit the response text and add script code that will be executed when this response button is clicked during play.

Add an End Node item:

Now, connect all of your nodes by clicking and dragging between the connector points. Note that all points must be connected to save or export the graph.

Name your conversation. This will need to be unique as it will modify all script object names in order to ensure that each conversation is unique when loaded by a game.

Click Export in the File menu to export your script.

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Torque 3D Source Reference

Torque 3D 3.7
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